Comma EP

by Instase

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All songs wirtten and performed by Instase ;

Giovanni Di Legami ; vocal, synth, ukulele
Maxime Gobillot ; drums
Allan Goetz ; bass, synth
Axel Tancray ; synth, guitar

Produced by Giovanni Di Legami
Mastering by Paul Kiss


released March 29, 2017


all rights reserved



Instase Metz, France

Instase est un groupe de rock alternatif, formé en 2016 à Metz.
Il est composé de Giovanni Di Legami, auteur, compositeur, interprête, Maxime Gobillot, batteur de formation jazz, Axel Tancray, compositeur, pianiste, guitariste et Allan Goetz, bassiste, claviériste, bricoleur. ... more

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Track Name: Until
An instant,
Crawls under the wave and end,
Let the air into your mouth.
There's a cold wind in this house !

Close the door and close your eyes.
Until you're lost you can't be found.

An instant,
Shaking the shade until it's off the ground
Anyway it's a shallow world to change
Should I show you the easy way out?
The easy way out,

Close the door and close your eyes
Until you're lost you can't be found
Track Name: The Line
You're blushing I'm asking
Could you let me rise?
I clean the runway
If you're my reason
Would you get me right?
Or lie and lay
You're the horizon
I get closer you might
Just move away

As some say lower
Some say higher
I'll twist my road
To the light

You're just a projection of my anima
I need you dame, you're not enough
Everywhere I go, you're with me
Inside me, my psyche...
I guess if it's me that I'm looking for
It must be somewhere through the mirror
I don't miss any thing, anyone, anymore...
I could cross the world, I could run around
The horizon's illusion is in my mind.

It's in my mind.
Track Name: ,Comma
Not gonna make a point
Without having a point
Dot dot dot
In suspension
Ten Ten Ten points of tension

'Cause we both had our wrong and right
Together we get the truth.

Question mark
Keep it rhetorical
I can bark
It doesn't mean I call
To avoid any drama
To the void i make a comma comma comma
Track Name: Torus
Time goes in and out
Expanding or not
Sorry to all
We're just small
No more
Getting out of the path
Crossing your way
Over and over
We'll meet again
Over and over in the infinite space

There's no choice to make
No contract, no fight
Contraction of space and time
Brings us closer
You're right next to me
Beating at the same pace
Tell me, are we in the same place ?
In one of our thousand faces.

Life is ever changing
But it seems we're meant to be
Let it die
Let it grow
Let it glide
Let it flow
Let it shine
Let it glow
Let it in
Let it out
Let it fly
Let it go
In the torus
Track Name: Streams *
Up in the sky,
No laws but gravitation
We're free (kind of)
No sound
But in the void I heard your radio station
Stream the warning from the stars that disclose:
It's because of us
It's all because of us
Floating, no sattelite on sight
So you left me there.
Don't leave me here
Now that I saw the signs
At last, I can read the constellations
Of somebody new
Of anything new.

Lonely lonely lonely
All alone all alone

We're standing blind here in the dark
Without a lightning or a spark
Around the corner of your heart

Is this as brittle as it's bright ?
Is this love as brittle ans it's bright ?

And there it comes, it crossed the line
Can we believe, can we rely ?
Is it as brittle as it's bright ?

Does it matter ?
Bring us some
Let us take a bite

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